Monday, February 8, 2010

Station Touristique Duchesnay: Dog Sledding


Dog Sledding with Aventure Inukshuk was one of the highlights of this trip. Mushing your dogs through the forest is an amazing adrenaline rush! From beginning to end this experience is transcending; as you, your dogs and nature unite in expedition.

Upon arriving, you are taken back by the dozens of barking dogs. Their energy is apparent, as if barking "pick me! pick me!" The dogs are not only beautiful but well trained and cared for. After a tour grounds and approximately 100 Huskies, you are introduced to your dog team, receive an introduction to the basic sledding techniques and finally journey the 50 minutes ride.

Hugo Tranchemontagne, our guide and dog sled racer is certified in the protection and exploitation of the territories.

It's a two person sled, one person sitting in the sled comfortably with a blanket while the other person rides standing in the back maneuvering and guiding the sled; always keeping your eyes on the lead dog. It can be a very physical activity, but you can go at you own pace. The nature trail takes you through a magnificent winter scene. You'll see nature at it's purist. Once you return, you congregate in a small rustic wooden cabin where you are met with hot chocolate and puppies playing inside. They are so cute!

30 des Aventuriers
Duchesnay Resort
Québec G3N 2X8
(418) 875-0770

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