Sunday, February 7, 2010

Québec Winter Carnival: Restaurant SSS

  • SIMPLE: easy going, which needs nothing else to produce the expected effect
  • SNACK: cafe-restaurant assuring a prompt service and proposing simple meals
  • SYMPATHETIC: enjoyable, pleasing... harmonic and appealing to others
Restaurant SSS is absolutely the best restaurant I dined at in Québec. It is centrally located in Québec's Old Port and is quickly becoming a hot spot. Chef and owner Christian Lemelin clearly takes great pride in his food and business. Attention to detail is apparent in his casual yet thoughtful approach to food and the cosy decor of the restaurant; which, is in a restored burned building, where a beautiful brick wall was uncovered still bearing stress. The menu is an interesting read. It's comfort food with an eclectic edge. Imagine duck wings instead of chicken wings, goat cheese jalapeno poppers and barbecue octopus.
Yes, this is a foodie haven!
Appetizer: Crab cake, homemade ketchup, arugula salad. Pan fried freshly made crab cake with an abundance of crab sered with a sweet and spicy ketchup and bitter arugula salad.

Main Course: Salmon tartar with sesame and avocado, fries. A light yet fulfilling dish of fresh raw local salmon, mixed with avocado, sesame and crisps served with double fried potatoes.

Main Course: Ribs, cole slaw, fries. You can't go wrong with fall off the bone sticky, sweet, bold ribs along side of tart vinegar coleslaw and double fried potatoes with house made eggless creamy aioli.

Dessert: Pot de Crème. The rich and decedent flavors to this homemade dessert are more than delicious. Layers of cream cheese custard, crumbled graham crackers, caramel and whipped cream.

WARNING: A feeling of euphoria might come after eating this and calling it pudding would be criminal. (Not for sharing, get your own!)

Seldomely am I blown away anymore by restaurants due to the superb eating establishments found in New York City, but restaurant SSS is just that good! It's a fresh concept with old fashion care. Perhaps an additional "S" should be added for So Magnifique! I just wish this restaurant was in New York City.

71, Saint-Paul
Vieux Port, Québec
G1K 3V8
TEL: 418-692-1991

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