Friday, February 5, 2010

Québec Winter Carnival: Day 1

Once you arrive in Québec City and get settled in to your hotel, there's only one thing to do. Go out and have some fun! The Canoe preliminary races where this evening and not to be missed. They are sure to be like no other event you have ever been to. Imagine men and women pushing and sliding large canoes down a snowy slippery street filled with cheering spectators. Yes, down the street! This qualifying round craziness ensues in Rue St-Joseph, which was covered in snow for the occasion. The teams are energized and ready to show off their bold skills. This round determines the departure order for the final race on Sunday on the river.

Rue St-Joseph, once a dilapidated area where vagrants congregated was converted and is now a charming area with a nouveau bohemian element and wonderful artsy feel where you can wander and make the surroundings your own. There many types of restaurants stemming from quaint to glitzy. Right off the canoe street race was Versa Restaurant and tonight's dinner destination.

Versa Restaurant and Bar is a trendy restaurant with a contemporary menu. The space is sleek in design with a modern edge in a light amber decor accented with primary brights. There's a full bar with house specialty cocktails. The service polite and casual makes this an ideal restaurant to have a nice evening out.

FOIE GRAS POELÉ ET DONUTS Seared foie gras, home made donuts, rhubarb, malbec wine compote

CRU ET TARTARE: Beef Tenderloin Tetaki, yellow beets, white truffle oil vinaigrette

PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE: Clam Chowder Linguine with cream, potatoes and clams

LE GRANDE FINALE: Espresso Crème Brûlée

*BEWARE of the pepper mill guy. He loves to offer fresh ground pepper on everything!

Versa Restaurant and Bar
432 Rue du Parvis
St-Roch, Québec

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