Friday, February 5, 2010

Québec Winter Carnival

When it gets so cold in New York City you can barely stand it, there's only one thing you can do. GO SOMEWHERE EVEN COLDER! So when I heard the Québec Winter Carnival was starting, I jumped at the chance to play in the snow! Winter Carnival in Québec Canada is a frigid revelers delight! Québec's Winter Carnival is the largest winter carnival in the world today, and is third on the List of Top Carnivals after the famous carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. So what was to expect for 2010? Expect "The Carnival Makes You Dance!" Concerts, outdoor dance parties, parades, Bonhomme's Ball, International snow sculptures, canoe races, sleigh rides, snow slides, Winter BBQ and of course "the Caribou". A feisty alcoholic beverage containing brandy, vodka, sherry and port... Wow!

The Winter Carnival takes over Québec every year with days and nights full of activities for everyone!

Oh and don't worry if you haven't keep up with your French lessons, just pack your bags, get to Québec and you may get there in time to hang out with Bonhomme...I did Yippee!

Québec Winter Carnival is a wonderful escape from NYC option because it is actually so close yet feels so far. Only a 1½ hour direct flight on Continetal Airlines out  of Newark New Jersey airport which is easily accessible by taxi. Once in Québec City, there are many places to explore, including wonderful dining options and sight sighting. But it doesn't stop there. The Winter Carnival itself keeps you busy with many things to do for people of all ages. If the Carnival is not enough for those thrill seekers needing more; the adventurous types can option to take a day trip to go dog sledding and snowshoeing as well as spend the night at the famous Ice Hotel, Hotel de Glace. Which is really "cool"!

The following will be a no-fail detailed daily itinerary that will ease your planning and allow you to see everything in 4 fabulously fun days. Included will be what to do, where to stay and where and what to eat and drink. Let's face it, New Yorkers have little time for planning, so just GO and hit Québec's City Sidewalks hard!

Québec Winter Carnival will return for it's 57Th Year Anniversary January 28Th to February 13Th 2011.

*Usually in January and February, temperatures reach 15° to 20° F or -10° to -5° C, with a low of 5° to 0° F or -20° to -15° C. There may even have a snowfall! Sidewalks are covered with snow and icy sometimes.

**Plan on keeping warm by packing the essentials. Most people's hands and feet get the coldest, so keep this in mind. Pack in layers from thermal long underwear to knit turtlenecks, a couple of sweaters, a pair of jeans, snow pants, weatherproof jacket, plenty of socks to double up, snow boots, gloves and a knit cap. Keep it simple and stylish and you'll be fine! Have fun, this is a Winter Wonderland snow trip!

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